Survey Says….


We released a survey to gather some feedback about out upcoming conference. With this in mind, we’ve made some changes to The Mommy Conference.

    1. Less time commitment. We’re making the event shorter. On June 3rd, we’ll meet for brunch at the Boston Newton Marriott from 10am-noon.

    2. Different dates/times. We’re creating a series of events –  to vary dates and time and will focus on key topics of interest so that you can participate in topics that are most relevant to you and your family.

    3. Include Dads. We always planned to include Dads – and Dads are welcome to join us on June 3rd. Stay tuned for a lot more Dad love.

    4. Child care. This is tough one but we have some ideas for you that we think you’ll love. Stay tuned for some really cool events that you AND your kiddo can enjoy.

    So join us on June 3rd from 10am-noon for brunch with two roundtable topics – mindfulness and meeting your toddler wants vs needs. To register, visit the buy tickets button above. The cost of $25 includes a brunch buffet at the Boston Newton Marriott and two round table sessions. We want to get an idea on the number of people attending so that we have the right amount of space planned. If you sign up and can’t make it, we’ll refund your money in full. Simply send us a email to let us know you can’t make it ( Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you on June 3rd.