Label Daddy: Sponsor Annoucement!

Thrilled to announce a new sponsor – Label Daddy.

Cindy has been using Label Daddy for years – and is a HUGE fan. She labels EVERYTHING for her active children. Her kids want new designs long before the labels wear out.

Custom, colorful, extra durable peel-and-stick labels!

Waterproof, washable, laundry safe, laminated, & officially licensed NBA, MLB, & NHL labels.

Just for us Label Daddy is offering us a 20% discount on products.

Check them out Use code: TMCMOM17

We’ll have samples at our event on Saturday.

Survey Says….


We released a survey to gather some feedback about out upcoming conference. With this in mind, we’ve made some changes to The Mommy Conference.

    1. Less time commitment. We’re making the event shorter. On June 3rd, we’ll meet for brunch at the Boston Newton Marriott from 10am-noon.

    2. Different dates/times. We’re creating a series of events –  to vary dates and time and will focus on key topics of interest so that you can participate in topics that are most relevant to you and your family.

    3. Include Dads. We always planned to include Dads – and Dads are welcome to join us on June 3rd. Stay tuned for a lot more Dad love.

    4. Child care. This is tough one but we have some ideas for you that we think you’ll love. Stay tuned for some really cool events that you AND your kiddo can enjoy.

    So join us on June 3rd from 10am-noon for brunch with two roundtable topics – mindfulness and meeting your toddler wants vs needs. To register, visit the buy tickets button above. The cost of $25 includes a brunch buffet at the Boston Newton Marriott and two round table sessions. We want to get an idea on the number of people attending so that we have the right amount of space planned. If you sign up and can’t make it, we’ll refund your money in full. Simply send us a email to let us know you can’t make it ( Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you on June 3rd.

Three Breakouts Added

Since the launch of our site, we promised weekly updates and so far we’ve been on track. In case you missed them, we’ve added three interactive roundtable sessions with three fabulous facilitators.

Meeting Your Toddler’s Needs vs Wants

Toddlers can be quite demanding at times, often causing parents to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It can be difficult to find the lines and the balance between meeting a toddler’s wants and serving their actual needs. Danielle Sutton, Director of Westwood Youth and Family Services, joins our program with a fresh perspective toward managing this parenting challenge.

Facilitated by Danielle Sutton, M.S.W., LICSW, Director, Westwood Youth and Family Services. Danielle has been working with families in the metro west communities for years. When we asked Danielle to join our program – she offered up the perfect topic!

To learn more, click here.


Managing Screen Time

How is screen time robbing childhood of essential developmental milestones? How is corporate marketing stifling children’s creative play? Parents can feel overwhelmed and responsible. We’ll discuss ways to set limits without guilt. We’ll look at the new Media and Young Minds guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and discuss ways that families are managing media while raising healthy children in a digital world.

Facilitated by Jean Rogers, M.S.Ed., Jean was referred to us by Nancy Carlsson-Paige and we’re thrilled. As parents we’re overwhelmed by all things digital and looking for a balanced approach to raising good kids. Jean is a parent educator, author of the book Kids Under Fire, and Screen Time Program Manager at Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood.

To learn more, click here.


Practicing Mindfulness with your Toddler 

Yoga is a relaxing way to find balance, peace and harmony within your inner self. Yoga allows us to stay grounded, reflect, and reestablish. Toddler yoga allows you to share and enjoy these positive feelings with your child and create more meaningful moments of learning, exploring, and connecting. We will learn how mindfulness and yoga practice can impact our toddlers’ behavior, impact our connection, and change ways of coping difficult behavior patterns. At the end of the session we will feel relaxed and invigorated – ready to share the new experiences with your child.

Facilitated by Yulia Borowski, M. Ed. a founder and lead teacher for Bonsai Child Care in Medford and a certified baby and toddler yoga instructor. We met Yulia through meet-up and from our first phone call, we knew she would be a great addition to our program.

To learn more, click here.



Registration is Open

Cindy and I incorporated our business this week. When we first launched The Mommy Conference a few weeks ago, we hadn’t considered going “all in” and making it an official business but given the enthusiasm from the community combined with some of our business needs, we decided to register and incorporate our business. Rockland Trust provided us with a great small business package and we are thrilled to be part of their business community.


Click here to Register Today!