Danielle Sutton

Danielle Sutton

M.S.W., LICSW, Director, Westwood Youth and Family Services

Danielle Sutton is a clinical social worker with over fifteen years of experience in working with children and families. Danielle has supported the healthy development of children from birth-five, and the parents and guardians of these young children, in their homes, in child care and pre-school settings, as well as in elementary schools and counseling offices. As the parent of a one-year old herself, she’s experiencing first-hand the joys and challenges of toddler parenting!

Roundtable: Meeting Your Toddler’s Needs vs Wants

Toddlers can be quite demanding at times, often causing parents to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It can be difficult to find the lines and the balance between meeting a toddler’s wants and serving their actual needs. Danielle Sutton, Director of Westwood Youth and Family Services, joins our program with a fresh perspective toward managing this parenting challenge.