Yuliya Borowski

Yuliya Borowski

M. Ed.

Yuliya is a founder and lead teacher for Bonsai Child Care in Medford. She holds a Master’s in Education and Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley University. She is also certified baby and toddler yoga instructor. Yuliya’s baby and toddler yoga classes are offered at various locations of Greater Boston community. Her approach towards yoga instruction and education includes an interdisciplinary perspective with strong emphasis on the connection with our bodies and inner self, and as a caregiver deep connection to those in need of our attention. Yuliya’s teaching style is very engaging, leveled, and fun. Above all, she prioritizes and exemplifies principles of patience, compassion, and motivation. Yuliya enjoys running, biking, reading, and being an incredible Mom.

Roundtable Session: Practice Mindfulness with Your Toddler

Yoga is a relaxing way to find balance, peace and harmony within your inner self. Yoga allows us to stay grounded, reflect, and reestablish. Toddler yoga allows you to share and enjoy these positive feelings with your child and create more meaningful moments of learning, exploring, and connecting. We will learn how mindfulness and yoga […]